8 tips for starting a physio practice

Jun 7, 2019

So you have a degree, some experience under your belt and you are itching to be your own boss. Time to start your very own physio practice. 

Now you have the skills necessary, but thats the beginning, what else do you need to consider before you push your boat off the jetty?

1) Location

Location location. Make sure the venue of your new venture is conducive to long term business.

Think about where people work, nearby shops, proximity to parking and public transport and a generally central location. People often base their decision on who to see for services like physiotherapy purely on convenience - so make sure you are exactly that. Convenient.

2) Website prowess

You need a sleek, simple, attractive and functional site. Luckily these days easy to setup templates and self serve website making services abound. It is now rather cheap and easy to setup a modern site with no need for a web developer. 

Before you set it up think on your branding and your colours and general scheme. Make sure you understand basic SEO, UI and UX. First timers will often use triple the words they really need and far too many useless pages.

3) Online booking

Make sure to find some good booking software like Better Clinics. Quality software will get you more customers, radically reduce admin like answering phones and emails, create a database of customer contacts, manage payments, automatically create calendars and make you a professional an easy choice. Do yourself a favour.

4) Your Niche

What is you particular hook to differentiate yourself? It's a saturated market out there and you need to carve out your slice. Are you going to sport focused? Do you have specific training, skills or interest to market? While becoming too specific may repel general customers, being a beige outfit won't get you must interest.

5) Branding

This is paramount and should draw a thread through all of your endeavours. Decide on what you want to portray, look into colour psychology and maybe fork out for a freelance designer to create your logo, brand scheme and guidelines. It's worth it.

Your brand should communicate your values and services whilst being visually compelling. It should saturate your website, emails, social media and any communications you are involved in. Make it pop, make it unique and spread it wherever you possibly can.

6) Social

We all know the power of modern social media. As a burgeoning business you will have a great and cheap head start on promoting and marketing your practice by properly leveraging social channels.

Use your branding, colours, taglines and imagery to set up your Facebook and Instagram, making sure to not only post useful content to your audience but also to promote your booking links for easy customer wins. Also make sure you are constantly providing links back to your site for SEO.

7) Space

The design and function of your practice space is a key aspect of customer impression and thus repeat and referred business. Have you ever been to a dentist or doctor or hairdresser and had a negative impression based purely on the careless rundown space?

Once you have a client in the door, make sure they want to come back. Better yet, make them want to message their friend who also needs a physio. Think about bright, inviting spaces which make tasteful use of your brand colours. Make sure to have a great waiting section with music, water, tea, clean seating etc. Pay great attention to your treatment rooms with top quality facilities and equipment - making sure exercise benches etc. are extra clean. 

8) Accounting 

Have you thought about how you will be managing your physio's finances and compliance issues without becoming a part time bookkeeper? Modern cloud accounting software like Reckon One takes all the pain and confusion and manual minutia out of managing your coins and taxes. 

You can easily, through a single app, report earnings, pay staff, watch cashflow, deal with invoices, manage bank data and keep on top of all of your compliance issues with the ATO. 


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