Manage client details (in detail!)

Keeping all your client information together can be a nightmare. We’ve simplified it and brought it all together so you can keep a secure, central record of your client’s information – numbers, addresses, health fund information, and all the other essential details. Now you know where to find your client’s information when you need it.

Clinical, Business Client Notes and Document Management

Upload, manage and view documents relevant to your client. Once again, know where to find your client’s information when you need it. Notes are a very effective way of keeping a track on things like referring health professionals, current client activity, personal notes, among a million other things. Be warned though, note taking can become addictive!

View & Manage Client Payments & Invoices

Centralising all your client payments & invoices is now dead simple. You can access a record of all payments made by your client, understand those clients who are yet to pay, view and download client invoices. Invoicing made simple.

Send Email & SMS

Communicating with your client when they are in front of you is easy, but ensuring you can communicate when they are out of your practice or studio is slightly more difficult. So we’ve built in email & SMS so you can keep in touch with your clients to minimise no shows, pump-up your service and motivate clients between appointments.


Data is great, but charting is better. We’ve made your business data easily digestible by creating charts that give you a visual understanding of your business and how you’re tracking. If our reports & charts are just not enough and you want to create your own, you can simply export your data to Excel for easy report-making.

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