Run multiple locations from one account

Business has been good and now you want to set up another practice, Better Clinics now supports multiple locations all managed from one plan. Choose a plan that best suites the size of your business, plans with multiple locations start from $69 per month.

Run a second practice or studio as a separate business

Better Clinics allows you to run multiple businesses through a single account. Dig into the data and run reports for both businesses together or simply run individual reports for each business.

Separate calendars for each practitioner

Each user can have their own calendar. Add a new user quickly and easily to Better Clinics and assign them to specific locations, so you can view your team calendars at a moments notice.

Conceal sensitive business information from others

Set user access privileges. Easily determine what each user sees (and better still, what they don’t see). Wish to have a receptionist who see all calendars but not the business and sales information? It’s covered, simply set them to Location Administrator. Set and manage access like never before.

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