5 useful apps for physiotherapy business owners

Oct 27, 2020 | Practice Management Software, Tips

Running a physiotherapy business? Excellent! What type of physiotherapy apps or solutions have you harnessed to ensure a smooth experience for both yourself and your clients?

There’s a plethora of apps and software products out there waiting to make clinic life stress free and efficient.

You may have some of this covered already, but there’s every chance an app exists that will significantly boost your clinic experience and physio business life.

Let’s investigate five useful apps for any physiotherapy business owner.

Physiotherapy practice management software

This one’s a real no-brainer. It’s almost unthinkable to be running a physio clinic without adequate practice management software.

A practice management solution, such as Better Clinics, is the core of your physiotherapy operations. This is your control centre. Why do you need one?

  • Manage all of your bookings. This includes classes and individual sessions, all online in one place. This eliminates the complexities behind manual bookings and calendar management.
  • It acts as your CRM. When you start to build a database of clients, especially through booking forms, you will have clear records of all your clients, their details, health concerns and contact information.
  • Marketing. Once you have automatically collected information on your clients, you can use practice management software to create lists and target them with marketing campaigns.
  • Reminders. Once you have a CRM database you can set automatic reminders which will send an SMS to your physiotherapy clients to alleviate costly no-shows and re-bookings.

Physiotherapy exercises app

Keeping your clients on top of their exercises is a key responsibility of a physiotherapist.

Through the deployment of physiotherapy exercise apps, no longer do you have to rely on a printout and some verbal explanations as to what their injury involves and which exercises they should use to alleviate their complication.

Check the market, be sure you recommend the exercises involved and find a set of useful apps to recommend to your clients to add more value to your services. Some even allow direct patient interactions and reminders to keep your exercise recommendations targeted.

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Physitrack
  • Shoulder Decide, Knee Decide, and Spine Decide
  • PT Pal Pro
  • BlueJay PT

Human anatomy app

Another excellent physiotherapy app is a human anatomy app. Not only does it act as a quickly accessed refresher for yourself, it also teaches patients about their injury and the point of your proposed therapy.

Human anatomy apps vary greatly in quality so do your research to find a good one. Pocket Anatomy is a great place to start as well as Physiopedia.

Social media manager app

Promoting your physiotherapy business is a big key to success. If we don’t know who you are, what you do and how to book with you, you may as well not exist. Harsh but true.

Social media has become the cornerstone of promotional marketing activity. Powerful, ubiquitous and (mostly) free, you should be juicing social media for all it’s worth.

One of the best ways to manage social media in a fraction of the time is through a social media manager app. While features vary, what you want is an app like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule and post your content to all your social channels in one go.

The time savings are drastic, and the automation and scheduling ability of a social media manager app allows you to spend time focusing on other aspects of your physiotherapy business.

Reminder apps

Time management is the engine of success in any business. A reminder app is an excellent tool to keep your day on the rails and ensure your schedule is maintained.

A reminder app should be used for more than just appointments of course. You should be scheduling in breaks, time for marketing, reconnecting with past clients, revamping your business plan and doing your accounting.

Freeing up your cranial space to deal with the task at hand, without the concerns you’re missing important tasks is crucial to a stress-free business day. Do yourself a favour by grabbing a reminder app and reduce business strain while improving your efficiency.



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