Online Clinic Management Software that you can

access anytime, anywhere.

Whether you run a health, fitness or other time based business Better Clinics combines scheduling, finance & customisable client database in one secure online app that you can take anywhere. Manage your business from all your devices and enjoy the piece of mind with automatic backup of all your data.

Online scheduling – fast, accurate & intuitive

Effortlessly create & track your client appointments – anytime, anywhere and on any device. Manage team member calendars and sync instantly with Google calendar. With 24/7 online booking and set-&-forget email / SMS reminders you’ll have all the flexibility you need to streamline your appointment management.

Bring all your client details together, securely online.

Empower your team to give their best by accessing complete client histories online, just a click away. Happy clients are your lifeblood. Better Clinics highlights your top clients, who’s dropping away, which of your services are sky rocketing and which ones’ need a little attention. Add notes, maintain client files with custom database fields and market to client segments using Better Clinics client tags.

Know your income in real time. Create & send invoices

Easy online accounting and invoicing. Have budgets, sales and expenses nailed. Record payments, understand money outstanding, know your revenues, create customised invoices. Share your financials with Xero. Increase profitability by building and retaining your customer base. Business success rides on cash flow – Better Clinics helps you understand what’s coming in & what’s still out there.

Accelerate clinic growth – Manage leads & build better marketing campaigns

Grow your business from today. Fire up your marketing campaigns to build better client relationships. Ongoing communication is key to creating lasting relationships. Better Clinics is your marketing platform – grow your community with SMS and email marketing. Send direct from Better Clinics or sync your client list and tags across to email marketing platforms like MailChimp, and get social with Better Clinics’ Twitter integration.

Easily manage your growing team & clinic calendars

Reduce admin that comes with a growing business. Quickly add new team members & clinics to your account. Set team member access permissions and keep bookings tidy with separate calendars for each practitioner.

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“Better Clinics revolutionised the way we ran our clinics”


“Better Clinics has made the day-to-day running of my practice so much easier”