Better Clinics + Stripe integrations

Seamlessly collect online payments in seconds by integrating Better Clinics to Stripe, so you can get paid faster!

Why connect Better Clinics to Stripe?


The Better Clinics + Stripe integrations offer a seamless and secure third party integration solution for online payment processing and boosting customer experience. Your customers can pay for their appointments online with their credit or debit card using Stripe and you’ll receive the funds into your Stripe account instantly, helping drive cash flow and reduce appointment no-shows. Once the payment and online booking is confirmed, the appointment will be added directly to your Better Clinics calendar. Plus, payment details are automatically recorded onto a PDF invoice and added to your payment report, reducing manual processing and saving you time!

Online bookings

Your customers can pay for their appointment online with their credit or debit card thanks to Stripe. Not only will this reduce no-shows (as they are less likely to cancel after they’ve paid), you’ll receive the funds instantly in your account – all you have to do is sit back & watch the money roll in!

Fast payments

Every invoice you send has a ‘Pay Now’ button, allowing your customers to pay their invoice fast online with their credit or debit card, helping you to get paid faster and accept payments online. You’ll receive the funds directly into your Stripe account, saving you time spent chasing up outstanding invoices! 

Easy reporting

Easily track and manage your payments including daily earnings, new customers and payments and payment methods. Create custom reports & get insights at your fingertips. Once a customer has made an appointment payment, their details are automatically recorded onto a PDF invoice & added to your payment report!

See our full Stripe integrations help article for more details to get started on setting up the third party connection.

More about Better Clinics

Better Clinics is online practice management software for health and fitness professionals. You can manage appointments, scheduling, clients and invoicing in real time on a secure, central system. With everything you need at your fingertips you can streamline your practice and provide a better experience for your clients.

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More about Stripe

Stripe is one of the world’s leading online payment service providers helping out individuals and businesses to accept payments from a variety of payment methods. Stripe is certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 and has the best-in-class security tools and practices, so you can be confident that your data and customer payment credentials are safe and stored securely with Stripe, no matter which payment methods are used. Increase your revenue with Stripe, with payment options built to reach a global audience. 

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