Customer Stories

The Better Clinics team really understands my physiotherapy business. I love being able to check my schedule, client note and practice financials anytime, anywhere. They’ve made running my business day-to-day very easy.”

Melissa, Physiotherapist, Sydney, Australia

One of the greatest benefits that Better Clinics offers is that it unifies our bookings in the one location. Better Clinics also offers a fantastic client messaging service with features I would have thought only larger businesses would have access to, such as client name tailoring, allowing us to personalise newsletters and messages. As allied health is a people business, the use of Better Clinics in our business has allowed us to put more focus into relationships with our clients and less on fixing errors.”

Matt, Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia

Using Better Clinics has made managing the office work around being a therapist feel easy. Having notes, contact info and accounts all in the same place makes keeping up to date with paperwork a pleasure rather than a chore. I’ve tried a few back office packages and Better Clinics is by far the best balance of great features and a lovely intuitive interface I’ve found.

Jenna, Counselor and Therapist, Brixton, UK


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