Updates & Changes – Clinical note improvements including field options for templates

Apr 9, 2021 | Cloud software, Practice Management Software, Product Announcement, Release Updates

Here’s a shortlist of top Better Clinics releases – 25 February 2021:
  • Clinical note improvements:

    • Now existing clinical note templates have a complete range of field options to make note templates more useful in the clinic. Toggles, text areas, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes and more.
    • Print & export clinic notes – either a complete list or individual notes
    • Add note tags to all note types including attachments and body charts
    • Now search notes by Tag
    • Improved note authentication
    • Improved note search by date

    Online booking improvements:

    • Setting now added to hide ‘Comments’ box on checkout
    • More formatting options for service ‘Online booking product description’ display
    • Setting to hide First Visit / Returning Visit information from checkout
    • Mandatory field checkbox added to custom online booking form to make fields mandatory

    Calendar improvements:

    • Faster calendar load times with performance updates
    • Set calendar as landing page on login
    • If your clinic uses the Better Clinics Zoom integration, a fast access Zoom meetings button has been added.
    • Immediate confirmations – small improvements including real time notification that the confirmation has been sent


    • Reporting improvements to include more data points
    • Plus other smaller improvements & bug fixes.


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