Using online booking software to grow your business

Mar 7, 2019 | Practice Management Software

Taking bookings for your health practice can become far more of a time vortex and source of errors than you may think. Are you still using phone calls, manual calendars, emails and messages to organise bookings? You may well be damaging the prosperity of your business.

What is online booking?

Online booking or online scheduling is the modern way to take appointments for all businesses including health practices. Put simply, an online booking system is software which allows a potential customer to book and pay for an activity or service directly through your website.

Why would I switch from manual?

Business intelligence

Something people may overlook when considering such services is the incredibly useful and business critical business intelligence and reporting you can now access with ease to help grow your business.

Online booking software helps you understand what’s driving revenue in your business, which is your busiest day or your most popular service. A savvy business owner would be analysing this easily accessible data to inform better business decisions as opposed to gut feel or long winded and complex manual reporting.

This business information will help you predict sales, give you impetus to promote slow days of the week or understand your customer sales cycles and patterns better.

Time and money savings

with no more phone class, extra reception staff, constant time sucks, double bookings, missed bookings or errors, it’s not hard to imagine the time and money savings you will make.

With a hands off approach you will free up staff time to get on with money making tasks such as taking on more clients. You may also be able to reduce admin hours for casual staff, freeing up cash for re-investment.

Improved billing and payment collection

With modern online booking software you often have a suite of payment, billing, reporting and invoicing methods at your disposal with which to further grow your business. Within the software, you can manage invoices, client details, payment reports, current earnings and expense tracking to name a few. All of these are populated in real time for instant convenience.

If you integrate a solution like Better Clinics with your accounting software, you have a seamless and highly automated solution that will make financial management of your business a ridiculous breeze, freeing yourself for more client time and shedding huge amounts of stress, indecision and blindness over financial matters.


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