Personal trainer? 3 ways to up your client game

Jan 24, 2019 | Tips

As a personal trainer your client list will make or break you. When you are a part of such a competitive industry where your customer’s experience dictates your livelihood so directly you need to be on top of your customer experience game.

So how can you surprise, delight and impress your clients in new ways? How do you ensure repeat business and attract clients who recommend you to their friends? Let’s have a look at a few ideas to elevate your client’s experience

1) Level up on social

It’s no secret that Instagram is the digital home of yoga pants, tree poses, sunrise bootcamps and coastal jogs. Love it or loath it, you would do well in a business sense to take full advantage of such channels. It would be wise to boost your posting quality and frequency. Tagging your clients and creating a social community around your brand is imperative to not only attract but also retain clients. Try using social channels to create groups for your clients in order to maintain contact and remind them of classes etc. Use paid content to boost your posts past your immediate circle and attract more clients. Advertise specials or new class types. However you use it… use it well and use it frequently.

2) Provide freebies

Useful ones. Really useful ones that gel with your services. Water bottles, skipping ropes, backpacks, supplements, healthy café vouchers etc. Have them ad-hoc or better yet provide a starter pack to new clients while keeping older clients motivated with goal specific rewards. There is a psychology behind gift giving – it creates a sense of ‘owing you’. Not that you should be guilt tripping your clients into services! But being subtly rewarded for being a client is a powerful tool not to be overlooked. Think of fun, iconic branding that reminds people of you and make sure your items or vouchers are high quality and not just plastic rubbish destined for the bin.

3) Think of your fitness business as an experience company

When we receive a good experience, we remember. When we have a bad experience – we remember even more. It is easy to think that the small stuff is irrelevant in the grand scheme but when you are providing a similar service at a similar price to your local competitors the specifics of the experience is literally the difference. So what can you do to make a more interesting bootcamp experience? Is your equipment in need of an upgrade? Is there a more picturesque park you can run in? A new theme or style of training to introduce? Maybe you can combine training with a healthy group picnic lunch? Maybe you can shake up your offerings and include kayaking or mountain hiking? Create great client experiences and you will guarantee yourself loyalty.


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