Simple invoice template for your massage therapy clinic

Nov 28, 2022 | Cloud software, Practice Management Software, Tips

Nationwide, many massage therapy professionals choose to invoice their clients for payment. Although there are several ways of getting paid for your massage therapy services, invoicing is a time-honoured, well-understood, and popular method of receiving funds for your services.

Let’s unpack what an invoice needs to include, how to use an invoice template and then look at the modern solution – online invoicing software.

So, if you’d like a complimentary invoice template, which you can put to use now in your massage therapy clinic, look no further, we got you!

Invoice template vs invoice software

First up – lets be frank. While using an invoice template and emailing it to your client is a perfectly acceptable method, it’s certainly not the best and is rapidly becoming antiquated and outmoded – for good reason.

These days, we have access to powerful and simple invoicing software that can handle the invoicing process end-to-end with speed and accuracy. That said, let’s have a look at two viable options: invoice templates vs. online invoicing using software.

How do I create simple invoices using a template?

You can easily create a perfect invoice with minimal effort – all you really need is a basic Microsoft Word program and an invoice template. In this article, you’ll find a free invoice template that’s ready to customise and use, but you can also design your own. Just keep in mind the necessary inclusions…

What needs to be included in an invoice?

No matter how you go about creating an invoice, there are certain elements you need to include to ensure that what you’re sending your clients is professional and valid.

  1. The words ‘tax invoice’ in your document header.
  2. Your business or trading name.
  3. Your ABN.
  4. The date of issue.
  5. A description of the services (or goods) that you’re invoicing for.
  6. A price breakdown, including unit prices if applicable
  7. Invoice payment total.
  8. Any included GST payable.
  9. Payment terms (aka the fine print!)

Invoice template design and customisation

When creating an invoice, always pay attention to customising and branding your design. An invoice works, not only as a payment collection document, but also as a branding device and representation of your business.

Using a standard layout that is accessible, easy to understand and familiar to your massage therapy clients will help make it easier for you to get paid. However, this certainly shouldn’t mean your invoices shouldn’t be branded and attractive. While maintaining professionalism, you should also take the opportunity to personalise and brand your invoices.

Add your business branding through the use of business logos, accent colours, font, and taglines or personal messages. You can even include deals, promotions and small ads to your invoices to entice repeat business.

Download our free invoice template for small businesses

To give you a head start on your invoices, we’ve created a free business invoice template that’s suitable for any Australian business, including your massage therapy clinic.

Download the invoice template here, customise it to suit your business and fire it off to your clients.

Upgrading from manual processes to proper invoicing software!

Using a customisable template is a perfectly acceptable way of billing your clients, but if you’re in the habit of firing off multiple invoices at once, exploring full-service practice management software with dedicated invoicing functionality is definitely worthwhile.

Why choose software to invoice your clients?

Track invoices and easily record accounts receivable

By using dedicated practice management software to send invoices, you’ll benefit by automatically seeing your accounts receivable ledger. This ledger lets you know who’s paid, who’s late and the invoice totals you’re chasing. Invoicing software also means you’ll also have real-time visibility over where your client payments are at, which is a massive organisational boost.

Online payments

One of the most advantageous aspects of using cloud-based invoicing software is the ability to collect payments immediately online. On your invoice, you can easily include a ‘pay now’ button, allowing your massage clients to immediately settle their bill.

The immediacy of online invoicing can bolster cash flow and encourage prompt payment, especially if you accommodate a variety of payment methods from credit cards to services like PayPal…

Automatically figure out and record GST

If you’re registered for GST, using accounting software or invoicing software also allows you to automatically calculate and include GST on your invoices. It will also allow you to record GST—so when it comes time for ATO reporting, you’ll have all of your records ready to go.

Cash flow reporting

Using online accounting software also allows you to view your cash flow in real-time. Such visibility allows you to budget more effectively and create both cash flow reports and forecast reports.

Mobile invoicing functionality

Mobile-friendly invoicing software allows you to invoice anyone at any time. Once you’ve finished a session with your client, you can simply fire up your phone or tablet and create an invoice right there. Before your client even leaves the premises, they can have your invoice sitting in their inbox, ready to be actioned.

Generate reports and professional invoices in seconds and access the dashboard for a snapshot of your cash flow. Save time with invoicing software made easy!

By using the invoicing function within Better Clinics, you’ll have a powerful all-in-one solution to manage every aspect of your message therapy clinic.


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