3 benefits of owning a mobile physio business over a clinic

Feb 18, 2021 | Practice Management Software, Tips


As the world adjusts to a raft of remote based living and working arrangements, the temptation for physiotherapy clinic owners and new allied health practitioners to investigate the benefits of mobile physiotherapy has skyrocketed.

There are a host of positive factors at play when investigating the benefits of mobile physiotherapy over a physiotherapy clinic, encouraging plenty of interest in the idea.

It makes perfect sense too. Low overheads, lean business model, pandemic friendly and convenient.

Mobile business owner benefits

While a physical physiotherapy clinic comes with certain benefits, there’s no denying the advantages of a low cost, nimble business model of mobile physiotherapy.

After all, mobile massage therapy has been a thing for quite some time. Why not mobile physiotherapy?

1) Convenience and accessibility

The onus of having to drive or catch public transport to a physiotherapy clinic may seem insignificant, but for a patient in pain, dealing with injury or without means of transport, the difference mobile physiotherapy can make is enormous.

Elderly and immobile patients are particularly drawn to home visit physiotherapy.

In the same way we are now extremely comfortable with food delivery, having a physio come to you and provide the same care at similar prices is tantalisingly convenient.

Because of mobile care, you also increase the range of your clientele, opening up patient opportunities that would not be available to a brick and mortar clinic.

2) Lower overheads

The overheads involved in a mobile physiotherapy setup pale in comparison to a physical clinic location.

Once you have a suitable vehicle and your basic physio equipment, you are close to ready. Add a mobile POS solution, laptop, booking software, accounting software and some marketing savvy to pull in some business, you’re pretty much ready to book some clients.

It may not be for everyone as fuel and road fatigue add up, operating mobile eliminates most of the expenses inherent in a physical clinic.

Furthermore, you may be able to charge a premium for mobile physiotherapy services, despite having minimal expenses.

3) Futureproof

The world is changing rapidly and business models that were workable just a few years ago are swiftly becoming obsolete.

The COVID-19 pandemic has acted to bring this into sharp relief as businesses and clinics are periodically forced to shutter, restrictions on movement continue and the serious health concerns raised by possibility of transmission become readily apparent.

Mobile physiotherapy sidesteps almost all such restrictions and concerns.

Even during harsh lockdown episodes, which would render a clinic closed or restricted, a mobile one-on-one session remains viable in most lockdown situations. This allows you to keep trading while others cannot.

It’s hard to ignore the ecommerce, home delivery and mobile business revolution. Mobile business is the way of the future.

Physiotherapy clinic – expensive costs of ownership

Now the other side of the coin – the expensive costs of owning a physiotherapy clinic.

The running of a brick and mortar clinic is peppered with overheads, cashflow potholes, lease agreements and general outfitting and upkeep.

While many people still prefer a physical location and the benefits of a professional setup, it comes at a high price.

A quick cost breakdown:

  • Purchasing or leasing expenses
  • Clinic décor and fitout
  • Extensive equipment
  • Utilities
  • Staff
  • Business and premise insurance

While there may always be a place for a physical physiotherapy clinic, after mulling over the options and benefits, it’s becoming very hard to deny the clear advantages of choosing to offer mobile physiotherapy, at least as a component of your physiotherapy services.


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