Better Clinics Customer Story: Nicole Total Wellbeing Chiropractic Clinic

Dec 3, 2020 | Announcements, Cloud software, Practice Management Software

As part of a new customer story series, we’re getting to know our Better Clinics community: who they are, what they do and how they help their patients.

This week, we met with Nicole who runs a chiropractic clinic in New South Wales.

Name of your clinic:

Total Wellbeing Chiropractic Clinic.

Where is your clinic?

In Cooma, the gateway to the Snowy Mountains!

What services does your clinic provide?

Chiropractic, spinal care, chronic and acute care, and massage.

Why did you open your clinic/get into running your clinic?

I had recently looked for a chiropractor in Canberra and loved it. So, I looked around for a practice in the area. After a few enquiries I found an opportunity in Cooma.

It has undergone many changes with my lifestyle choices as my needs changed with juggling our children and life on a farm. It’s only this year that I found my perfect practice location and I’m back where I belong in Cooma.

What do you love about your career?

I really enjoy getting to the source of the problem and caring for people and helping them recover. It’s such a privilege to walk through some really amazing injuries and help them regain movement and successfully help them. I’m lucky to be developing a wonderful patient base, the people of the Monaro are really down to earth and caring.

Why did you choose Better Clinics as your practice management solution?

I wanted to introduce a practice management solution earlier, but they were too expensive… I mean absurdly expensive. They were also complicated and didn’t cater to my specific needs.

I discovered Better Clinics on the internet and liked their easy-to-use customisable format that allowed me to gradually introduce the administrative and clinical features.

After the one-month trial I was hooked. Even now I am discovering new features.

I’m also thrilled with how responsive to our needs Better Clinics are. There are some new features that I’ve requested and, apparently, they’re already developing the software.

I’m incredibly satisfied with Better Clinics – in fact it’s a dream to operate.

How has Better Clinics helped you run your clinic better and/or improve client experience?

Patients like getting reminders. I like that now I don’t need to send them. Others like the internet booking. I like that I can develop documents that merge with the system as soon as they’re completed.

There are so many features I like as a clinician and an administrator. I like its simplicity, and that help is always at hand and when I need it.

I also like the idea that the system can do so much more than I’m currently asking it to.


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