Better Clinics goes mobile!

Oct 9, 2018 | Cloud software, Practice Management Software, Product Announcement

Better Clinics recently upgraded its mobile functionality to become a truly cloud focused practice management player and a market leading solution in the health practice space. All of your account functionality is now smoother, more seamless and highly mobile optimised for that all-important modern transience we all now enjoy.

Looking sharp

In creating the user interface, we have maintained a familiar design you will know from our desktop layout to maximise your ease of use, yet with some key enhancements. It has been significantly optimised for frictionless use across mobile with the deployment of larger buttons, streamlined information presentation, much faster loading times and face melting performance upgrades.

Performing even sharper

Being tethered to a desktop interface was never the best idea with choice and flexibility high on the wish list. So now with some excellent improvements, all of your account information and functionality is now accessible on your mobile with a new enhanced mobile functional interface to cover all bases. With the recent mobile friendly upgrades you can now:

  • Access your appointments, calendar, clients, manage payments & send invoices on the go from your smartphone with a fast, attractive and concise UI.
  • Synchronise all of your vital appointment data automatically and share with your team instantly.
  • Take your business with you and freely operate from anywhere. No matter where you are you can access your business-critical information in real time instantly. This is particularly powerful for those who do house calls such as masseuses or those with no less fixed practices such as personal trainers.
  • Access client details whilst at the café with ease. Whether you need to quickly get in touch, email a branded invoice, or add notes, you can do so simply and stylishly no matter your location.

Enjoy the new experience

The best part is that this will take effect automatically! When you next login to Better Clinics from your smartphone web browser you will see the new specific mobile design. Simply sign in using your normal account details and have a squiz at what we’ve been up to. It’s pretty snappy if we do say so ourselves…

Here at Better Clinics we strive to make sure your clinic runs at optimum capacity with minimal fuss. We accept no substitutes, so we truly hope that this new mobile redesign will help you build a more successful business.


Instant access. No credit card required.