5 chiropractic marketing strategies to grow your business

Sep 8, 2021 | Practice Management Software, Tips

Coming up with chiropractic marketing concepts and executing chiropractic marketing strategies is key to running a successful chiropractor clinic.

If you don’t have ideas or a winning chiropractic marketing strategy coupled with deft execution, you’ll lose out on customers and market recognition.

Create a website for your Chiropractic Clinic

The first step you’ll take into chiropractic marketing is undoubtedly building a website for your chiropractic clinic.

But rather than ticking a box, you should put considerable thought into your website and ensure the following inclusions and considerations are taken seriously:

  • easily remembered and relevant domain name
  • cleanly branded and visually appealing
  • uncluttered and to the point
  • clear call to action (booking form or contact details)
  • lean and purposeful tabs and pages
  • easily navigable
  • SEO optimised with sitemaps, keywords, and tags
  • clean website copy with an emphasis on ‘less is more’
  • links to your social media presence
  • regular blog updates
  • obvious contact details
  • landing pages which correspond to marketing
  • online reviews

By following the above steps, you’ll have a strong starting point for an online presence, which will act as the digital ‘home’ of your business.

From here you can (and should) make iterative improvements to optimise your chiropractic website. This ongoing marketing work will lead to more business, better market presence and an edge on your competitors.

Why is your website so important?

Today, no potential client has a chance of finding you if you don’t have a website. Even if they do stumble upon your clinic, without a website their level of trust in a chiropractic clinic will be low. Not to mention their limited ability to book your services.

Furthermore, if your website is incomplete and lacking detail or branding, you’ll be passed over immediately and your competitors will receive that business.

Your website tells the market who you are, why they should trust you and how to book your chiropractic services.

Almost every marketing endeavor on social media, email marketing and advertising will lead back to your website and your booking form. Don’t disappoint your potential clients when they get there.

Consider having a blog on the website

The role of the blog has grown in importance over the years. Blog posts provide useful information, relevant tips and thought leadership, but they also form a major component of your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy.

How can a blog improve your chiropractic marketing strategy?

Originally, Google search results could be gamed quite easily through ‘keyword stuffing’ and underhanded tricks to gain clicks. Nowadays you need to place a strong emphasis on ‘original content’ to get to the top of the search results. This original copy, replete with business-relevant keywords – and devoid of plagiarism – usually comes in the form of a blog.

Not only does a blog assist your SEO, but it’s also useful for populating your social media channels with quality content which will lead to website clicks and sales.

If you have chiropractic injury tips or valuable information to share, your blog is an excellent place for such thought leadership.

Ensure your online listings are up to date

Don’t slip into the trap of displaying old phone numbers, incorrect product listings, outdated opening hours or erroneous pricing tables.

Building trust is central to gaining clients through your chiropractic marketing, and you can deter potential clients if something is incorrect or missing in your online listings.

Online reviews

When working on your online listings, also be aware of online reviews.

Avoiding negative reviews through professionalism and up-to-date details is important for you to compete in the marketplace. If you’re lacking positive reviews, simply request reviews from your best clients after a chiropractic session.

Why your Google Maps listing is so important?

Ensuring you have your ‘Google My Business’ details (including Google Maps) up to date is imperative. When potential customers attempt to find you in their local area through Google or Google Maps, the fastest way to lose them is with incomplete or incorrect information.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tool primarily used to target your existing customer base or those who’ve interacted with your brand.

The Spam Act means that you’re not legally allowed to farm email lists and send out unsolicited sales messages. So keep this method solely for clients or targets who’ve willingly given you their email addresses.

Returning customers are better than new ones

This is an unassailable truth of any marketing endeavour. It’s far cheaper and more fruitful to target your existing customer base over courting new clientele.

Repeat business is the core of your cashflow. Be sure to spend time building email lists and retargeting your previous and existing clients with content and promotional deals.

Benefits of email marketing for a chiropractic clinic

Clients who require chiropractic services are likely to seek repeated sessions. This makes a chiropractic client the perfect candidate for email marketing.

How to leverage email marketing for your practice?

So how do you go about email marketing in your chiropractic clinic?

Build your email list

Your first step is clear – build and maintain a comprehensive email list. By using your booking form to harvest email addresses and house them in your chiropractic management software (CRM), you’ll have a good starting point.

A secondary method of building your email list is to collect subscribers. This is easily achieved by collecting email addresses in return for your blogs, chiropractic articles, eBooks or video content. This method of list building is called gated content, which is only accessed after providing information (usually an email address).

Send regular emails to your subscribers

The regularity of email marketing is a touchy subject. You don’t want to burn your list and receive a slew of unsubscribes from your hard-won email list. You also don’t want to be forgotten.

The key is to ensure you offer short and sharp emails with tight copy, appealing subject lines, and honest value. Be snappy and genuine while offering something that people will find hard to refuse. Perhaps you have a blog on ’10 ways to reduce back strain’ or a 20% off promotional chiropractic session.

Consider online paid advertising (Google paid ads)

While organic marketing will always have an elevated position in terms of long-term and sustainable chiropractic marketing, there’s always room for paid ads.

Online paid advertising, including social media and Google ads, are an excellent way to gain immediate visibility, particularly if your SEO is in its infancy.

Be sure to offer value in your ads, have a landing page on your website ready for these clicks, maintain your branding, and track your spend and budget.

What is SEM?

SEM stands for search engine marketing. Whereas SEO refers to your efforts to gain organic search results on search engines, SEM refers to paid efforts to gain these top of search results.

SEM activity includes Facebook ads, Google ads and the content and budget you use to populate and promote these ads.

If you pursue the above chiropractic marketing strategies with professionalism and zeal, you’ll find you’re well on your way to building a strong market presence capable of boosting your chiropractic clinic’s stability and profitability.


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