Essential chiropractor tools & software for your clinic

Dec 8, 2020 | Announcements, Cloud software, Practice Management Software

If you’ve committed to taking the leap and starting your very own chiropractor clinic, there’s a range of essential chiropractor tools and software for you to adopt to get your clinic humming.

Let’s look at some of the recommended chiropractor tools and software you should be researching and implementing to provide the best service possible, while also making clinic life easier and more efficient.

Chiropractor tools

Chiropractor tools are a diverse range of equipment and instruments commonly used in chiropractor clinics.

Let’s dive into some of the most popular chiropractor tools you should be looking to acquire as you get your clinic off the ground.

Chiropractic tables

Used for various patient adjustments, tables such as the drop table or traction table are one of the most important pieces of chiropractic equipment in your arsenal.

Activator adjustment tool

Another important chiropractic tool which allows you to realign a patient’s vertebrae.

SOT blocks

Sacro-occipital technique blocks are a useful chiropractic tool that help align the pelvis and spine without undue force.

TENS machine

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine is another common chiropractic tool used to send electric pulses through nerves and skin to manage pain by way of producing endorphins.

Cold laser

A cold laser is a popular chiropractor tool used to stimulate cell recovery and healing in an affected area. By not producing heat it’s a common treatment for issues where heat would create a negative outcome.


Ultrasound can be a useful weapon in any chiropractor’s arsenal, utilised to alleviate muscle pain and movement dysfunction. Unlike a cold laser, heat is involved.

Chiropractor software

Vital to the functioning of a chiropractor clinic is an array of chiropractor software, which improve efficiency and patient outcomes in a variety of ways. What are some primary solutions for the contemporary chiropractor clinic?

Chiropractic practice management software

Chiropractic practice management software solutions like Better Clinics will not only act to collect online bookings, but also provide a robust CRM, marketing tool, health insurance management solution and a payment gateway.

Chiropractic management software is an extremely useful multi-faceted solution which sits at the heart of any chiropractor clinic and will help you manage the client process from booking to billing and everything in between. Look beyond simple chiropractic scheduling software or chiropractic electronic medical records software toward an integrated full suite solution.

Telehealth software

In the modern era of COVID-19 and remote services, a chiropractor should be looking at a solution to securely deliver telehealth.

With many options out there for remote services and video conferencing, do some research into the best industry-aligned solutions which focus on security and ease of use. It has become almost a necessity to have a telehealth solution in your box of chiropractor tools.

Accounting software

When it comes down to it, a chiropractor clinic still requires the same business management tools as any other business.

Filing BAS, managing invoices, GST concerns, payroll, cashflow reporting and general accounting are all integral aspects to a smoothly run and compliant chiropractor clinic.

Get yourself a cloud accounting app to automate these accounting concerns so you can get back to what you do best – treating your patients.


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