How do you get the most out of your clinic’s practice management solution? Integrate!

Jul 8, 2022 | Clinic Payments, Cloud software, Practice Management Software, Tips

Whether you’re the owner of a physiotherapy clinic, wellness centre, or a personal trainer, you may have already invested in practice management software to handle your bookings and client admin. But are you experiencing the benefits of a fully articulated and integrated system?

Why do you need to integrate your business software and tools?

When it comes to handling bookings, compliance, payments and private health claims, allied health clinics need to operate as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Instead of relying on a disparate array of separate solutions (which require manual processes and unnecessary admin) it’s wise to connect your business software and tools so that they ‘talk’ to each other.

Ask yourself, how are you:

  • Taking EFTPOS payments?
  • Taking online payments?
  • Processing private health claims?
  • Doing telehealth calls?
  • Managing accounting and GST?

By creating a fully integrated clinic management system, you can easily tackle all these necessities in one connected setup, starting with your Better Clinics software. You can also can pick and choose which solutions best suit your needs, then create a customised setup for your specific practice. Here’s how…

Process both EFTPOS and private health claims with Tyro

Processing private health claims for your clients is one of the most common transactions within allied health clinics.

Allowing patients to immediately claim their session with their health insurer is an absolute must for almost all practices. But it necessitates using a payment terminal which also handles EFTPOS.

Integrating a payment processing solution such as Tyro, with your practice management software, is the best way to manage these dual transactions.

Once connected, your appointment information links directly to your integrated EFTPOS machine and results in on-the-spot rebates; faster transactions; fewer errors; and an overall better customer experience. Tyro has 98% coverage of the insured population so the majority of health fund claims can be easily and quickly processed.

Process in person credit card payments with Square

While you may also accept online payments for your services, most allied health clinics will still need to facilitate in person credit card and EFTPOS payments at the front desk.

To achieve this, simply integrate your central practice management software with a Square payment terminal, which also records each of your sales.

Boosting customer experience, the Better Clinics + Square Terminal integration offers a seamless and secure solution for payment processing. When your customers pay using the Square Terminal you’ll see the transaction automatically.

With no manual entry and no switching between apps, integrating a Square Terminal creates an all-in-one credit and EFTPOS machine for payments and receipts.

Take online payments with Stripe

Many modern health clinics now encourage clients to pay for their services online before their appointment.

Taking online payments not only helps reduce no shows and last-minute cancellations, it also diversifies your options to appeal to different client’s payment preferences. If you offer mobile services or telehealth sessions, online payments are even more essential.

Integrating with a payment processor like Stripe allows your customers to pay for their appointments online with their credit or debit card. This will also drive cash flow as you’ll receive the funds into your Stripe account instantly.

Once the payment and online booking are confirmed, if you’re using Better Clinics software, the appointment will be added directly to your calendar.

Payment details are automatically recorded onto a PDF invoice and added to your payment report, which reduces time-consuming manual processing.

Use Zoom for telehealth sessions

While COVID-19 lockdowns decimated in-person practices, telehealth boomed. And for the allied health industry, the pandemic has proven it’s entirely feasible to provide many services online through teleconferencing apps such as Zoom.

Integrating Zoom with your practice management software, allows you to care for your patients from wherever you both are – through a secure, high-definition video consultation.

Your patients can book their appointment online and receive a confirmation email with a link that lets them jump into the telehealth consultation easily, all with just one click.

Medipass allows you to digitally process card payments and health claims

By integrating your practice management solution with Medipass, you create a seamless claim and payment experience, making it easy for your business to get paid quickly.

Once connected, you can process card payments digitally without needing an EFTPOS terminal (in person or remotely) resulting in payments on the spot, with fewer errors and a better customer experience.

Create, process and track Medicare and Private Health Insurance claims digitally, directly within your Better Clinics software – wave goodbye to manual processes and say hello to simple and efficient claiming!


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