How to market your clinic with Better Clinics!

Oct 15, 2019 | Tips

OK, so you may have an allied health clinic or physio or fitness studio bubbling away on your newly purchased Better Clinics software – congratulations your bookings are in good hands!

But what else can you do with your practice management software? For starters it’s a fantastic way to market your clinic.


In-built CRM

Besides managing your appointments, the other wonderful thing about using online booking software is the in-built capacity and tools for customer information storage and communication. You won’t need a separate CRM or customer database – its right there with all of your booking information.

Having a CRM-like database of clients complete with all interaction details and contacts alongside automated tools to communicate with them, is invaluable to a health practice or clinic.

Once you have a digital cloud-based record of your accounts, clients and all associated contact detail you can easily segment and target them for marketing opportunities.

Email marketing

One of the primary ways you can target your clients again is through email. Be careful not to ‘burn’ your clients with spam or you may see unsubscribes which will really hurt your ability to market.

When you set up your clients initially, make sure to grab their email and of course their phone numbers.

Initially this starts with a welcome email for new clients. Once an appointment is made, ensure you have setup an attractive and warm email confirmation complete with invoice and all the contact details they need.

It’s also a great opportunity to include discount offers, group offers, or provide links to your social channels, blogs and newsletters. All of this adds up to a more engaged and satisfied client, fully equipped and informed ready to show up to their appointment.


Another important aspect of your Better Clinic solution is the ability to segment your CRM into lists. Maybe you have an email campaign setup for your new clients or maybe you send tips and tricks or service promotions to people who only use certain services. One size does not fit all so consider making lists so you don’t burn your clients with unnecessary info.

Integrate with more advanced email solutions

If you are fond of, or more familiar with, common email marketing tools such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor – you can easily add integrations to these accounts right there in your booking solution.

From there you can effortlessly automate emails and campaigns based on behaviours, preferences or previous appointment data and market your clinic very effectively.

SMS marketing

The power of SMS is strangely underrated in today’s maze of communication apps. We strongly recommend using SMS specifically for reminders due to a high open rate and quick style, yet it can also be used effectively for other marketing – perhaps “respond ‘yes’ to this text to receive 20% off your next session.” For more information on SMS reminders read our blog here.


Marketing is more and more based on data – namely client behaviour data. If you have dead spots in your week – you can find out by using in built analytics.  Once you have an idea of your busy times and least profitable clients you can create marketing campaigns to target this – maybe a Tuesday discount or social campaign is in order? Use analytics to better inform your marketing decisions.

Reactivate dormant customers

With Better Clinics you can instantly generate a report which allows you to pinpoint clients that have been inactive for perhaps one month, perhaps six – up to you. Send them an email or SMS directly from the Better Clinics solution with a special offer to win them back. This is a great way to reactivate your clients and reduce churn.


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