How to prepare your clinic for 2022!

Jan 28, 2022 | Cloud software, Practice Management Software, Tips

As your clinic sprints into the new year of 2022, there are several considerations, tactics and quick wins you should be eyeing.

With turmoil and pandemic induced strife at every turn, it’s even more important you keep your eye on the prize and your senses sharp.

1) Learn some valuable lessons from last year’s data

The last year, stacked to the brim with nasty surprises, new ways of working, and a raft of hairpin turns, needs some serious unpacking.

While the urge to simply put your head down and charge into the new business year will be strong, you need to combine that vigor with some sober reflection.

Grab your software tools (such as your accounting app and practice management software) and run some reports. You need to investigate:

  • profit and loss
  • cashflow report and forecast
  • client behaviour changes
  • high / low performing services
  • success / failure of remote or telehealth measures
  • high value and repeat clients
  • effectiveness of marketing campaigns (ROI)
  • viability of business model in the face of COVID-19

Once you’ve run some reports and interrogated the data you collected over the last year, you’ll find you have some valuable insights in your hands.

2) Pivot and reimagine how you’ll operate

So, what are you going to do with all that data you laid bare above? Make better business decisions.

Hidden in those numbers is a path to a better business and better client outcomes.

  • Are you remaining profitable? What can you do to turn this around if not?
  • Are your clients happy with telehealth outcomes? If yes, double down, if no, find out what you can do.
  • How can you improve your marketing, or capitalize on what worked well?
  • Who are your best clients and what can you do to keep them?
  • Do you need to reimagine your business model?
  • Are there expenses you can cut down on?
  • Are some of your services still relevant or profitable?

By doing the work of data crunching and trend analysis across many areas in your business, you can make sound decisions to keep your clinic viable and profitable.

3) Create fresh marketing plans and content

New year, new marketing plan.

Look back to your metrics:

  • How were your social media interactions? Did one type of content outstrip the others?
  • What about your email campaigns? Are there clear winners and losers in your data?
  • How did your ads go? Any type which stood above the rest?
  • What’s your marketing ROI looking like? Did you overspend in one area with little traction?

Take these lessons and formulate a new marketing plan for the year ahead. Plot out your content, ads, social media calendar and do so on the basis of what worked last year. Ditch the rest.

Be sure to hit certain buttons if you’re going to shift your business model. Say you want to do more remote work – spruik this. Perhaps you’ll be concentrating on one or two service offerings which brought in a bunch of business last year – advertise this.

4) Retouch your website, brand and online presence

In the modern era, a website is never ‘done’. Your brand is never perfect and your online presence can always be improved.

Spend a few weeks in the beginning of the year cleaning house and checking out your online client journey. Your online client journey is the pathway people take to find you, visit your website, check out your online presence, browse your socials and get to the point of actually booking.

A great way to do this is to get a friend or family member to try and find your clinic and book a session. What do they see? Is your website slow or confusing? It is easy to google you? Do you have poor reviews? Are your social pages well branded and clean?

This kind of review and renewal should be a regular part of doing business.

Now is a fantastic time to get it done – before things get busy.


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