Keeping your fitness clients motivated in 3 steps

Feb 11, 2019 | Tips

Keeping your clients motivated and engaged to keep their new year resolutions and fitness goals is a hard slog. But its a slog well worth your time, after all  your clients motivation directly translates to not only personal satisfaction but also business success. What are some simple and cost effective ways to boost your client’s motivation through the year and keep your them on track?

1) Social social social

No surprises here but you really need to up your game on social with a focus on motivation and communication. If you are a professional in the fitness industry, chances are ridiculously high that you already have the basics covered and would have some form of social presence.

To make these Instagram and Facebook pages shine and remain at the top of the news feed you need to update them regularly with fresh content – both original and shared. Set up chat groups for your clients to PM reminders of upcoming appointments and inspirational messages. Make it personal by sending congratulations tips after a good session or provide personal and specific feedback to individual clients. Posting uplifting imagery of goal scenarios and providing fitness tips, methods, healthy recipes, links to scientific studies and articles on the benefits of fitness etc. If you are consistent and persistent this constant communication will help keep your clients coming back and keep them motivated through the year.

2) Fitness rewards

Motivation is a finite and precarious phenomenon. It is a relatively fragile thing and a mild breeze of dissappointment, a whiff of failure or a minor setback can dash the whole lot on the rocks. Don’t let this happen to your clients. As you might train a puppy – you must train your clients with the reward system! Incremental rewards for progress have extremely potent psychological effects and are a very effective easy of preserving fragile motivation.

Once you have decided on a plan of action or a set of goals for your client, make sure you use a reward system to mark progress if your client reaches a milestone within the deadline. Think vouchers for a healthy cafe, discounts on your classes, branded giveaways, whatever your imagination can come up with that you know will be appreciated.

3) Mix it up!

This one is on you and requires a bit of motivation on your part. You need to keep your offerings fresh and consistently appealing. Lets say you run a yoga class – how about you do a weekend at a local beach with some optional surfing afterwards? How about introducing new techniques and equipment? Try changing your routine and environment?

Boredom is a sure fire killer of motivation, so your goal here is to take on stagnation! This requires creativity and drive. If your client is solo try introducing group classes or a training buddy, or similarly if they are a group client, suggest some tailored on-on-one classes to get them focused. You will know your specific fitness business and your clients better than anyone, so use your experience to keep your offerings and experiences fresh and new, even if only a little bit.


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