Must have tools and software for your mobile massage therapy business

Mar 1, 2021 | Practice Management Software, Tips

If you’re going to swap out your four walls for the open road and get a mobile massage therapy business cranking, you’re going to want to get your skilful hands on some quality tools and clinic software.

The case for mobile massage therapy

Mobile massage therapy has truly come into its own in since 2020. You may have noticed that this pandemic of ours has caused a habit of locking down the population and shuttering in-person businesses, practices, clinics, and services.

With a literal hands-on vocation like massage therapy, the consequences of such restrictions are not ideal and represent a solid wheel clamp on your practice.

Mobile massage therapy cuts through these strictures like a hot knife through butter, removing the wheel clamp and getting you moving.

To add to the case for massage therapy, choosing to deliver your services to a client’s door can make for a low cost, low maintenance business without the onerous need of wads of cash and endless lease payments.

Massage therapy tools

So, you’re convinced? Great, let’s fill your vehicle with mobile massage therapy tools and get to work.

Since we’re going mobile with this model, it’s obvious that we’ll be looking for massage therapy tools that are compact, low weight, easy to use and durable.

If you can’t lug it up a driveway or throw it in your van with ease, you don’t want it.

Tip: Keep in mind with all these massage therapy tools, you have a golden opportunity to add your logo for easy marketing wins and brand reinforcement. Brand your towels, shirt, table, van, everything.

Massage therapy tools you’ll want to consider:

  • Massage table
    Who would have thought? Your main massage therapy tools for a mobile business will always be your massage table. Your patient will have their face on it so don’t skimp on this. Get a high quality, lightweight table that will last.
  • Towels/sheets
    Get yourself a large set of quality, easily washed towels and sheets, paying attention to quality fabrics and brand colours.
  • Oils
    A range of top-notch massage oils is essential for massage therapy treatment. Be sure to have various options on hand for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and scent preferences.
  • Vehicle
    You may well have to do what you can with what you have, a vehicle is certainly a high cost expense. However, if mobile massage therapist is your chosen path, you should definitely be looking at a professional setup with a branded van or similar that looks sharp and houses your massage therapy tools. When you rock up to someone’s door, a first impression is highly valuable. Remember, as a massage therapist, this is a work vehicle, so tax incentives apply.
  • Music
    Luckily, we live in 2021 and we can easily access mobile phones and portable speakers, perfect for some mobile ambience to relax your massage patient.
  • POS software and device
    If you’ll be taking card payments and health cards, you’re going to need a POS terminal, software, and device. Now you can get paid immediately upon service delivery instead of needing prepayment or issuing invoices.
  • Accounting software
    To manage any business, including mobile massage therapy, you’ll need a cloud accounting app to manage your finances on the move. Get quality accounting software like Reckon One, which integrates with the Better Clinics practice management solution.

Clinic software

Mobile massage therapy clinic software is an absolute must. How else will you take bookings, payments, and manage client details and records?

Clinic software sits at the center of your mobile massage therapy operations and will be your core management solution.

Patient notes, addresses, contact details, bookings, payment preferences, allergies, client concerns will all sit in this clinic software so get yourself a quality mobile practice management solution like Better Clinics.

So that’s it! The nuts and bolts of managing a mobile massage therapy practice and the core massage therapy tools you’ll need to succeed.


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