The paperless clinic: why you should go digital

Mar 3, 2020 | Tips

Your allied health clinic may be in dire need of some modernising.

When was the last time you gave yourself a bit of an audit for efficiencies? When was the last time you re-evaluated your client workflows to weed out manual or paper-based processes in favour of digital solutions?

It’s 2020 guys, time to create a paperless clinic, don’t you think? But exactly why would you do it?


If you aren’t productive, what are you? Yes. Unproductive. Does that sound like an excellent way to do business? We don’t think so either.

Luckily one of the more compelling benefits of the paperless clinic is increased productivity.

For example, can you ditch the paper forms in your client sign up process? Consider integrating a tablet sign-up, which not only reduces paper waste and filing work but boosts productivity and removes outmoded, time consuming paper files.

By moving your booking process to a cloud-based software solution, you can also save inordinate amounts of time in your booking process and customer management.

What about managing your clinic’s taxes and finances? Are you still working with paper files and receipts? Ditch the paper by moving your business on to automated accounting software.

Environmental savviness

Sustainability is the new black. How is your clinic contributing to reducing waste and pollution?

Removing paper filing cabinets, paper receipts, patient records, printers and physical marketing collateral like brochures and business cards has a fantastic and positive impact on your sustainability and environmental footprint (read more about creating a sustainable business).

In fact, it is estimated by the Climate Group that digital applications could replace up to 25% of paper consumption.

You can even capitalise on these green credentials by using it in your marketing material and brand identity – giving you a business edge and a greener clinic (useful in an ever more scrutinised society).

Efficient workflow and communication

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.” – Bill Gates

Paper-dependent clinic processes are mistake-prone and inefficient. In a paper-based clinic, important files, client paperwork and compliance related paperwork are a liability that needs to be eliminated.

Inefficient filing and retrieval processes and lost documents can result in issues such as:

  • Lost productivity
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Avoidable errors
  • Loss or destruction of important information
  • Privacy and legal issues

When you make the effort to use apps, software and other digital solutions such as digital documents, you’ll streamline workflow processes. All information access is now electronic, allowing:

  • Task automation
  • Accurate and timely customer service and client management
  • Document privacy and access control

Security and trust

“For me, privacy and security are really important. We think about it in terms of both: You can’t have privacy without security.”- Larry Page

An extra benefit of digitalising your clinics processes is the backups you can make in the cloud.

Imagine your clinic caught fire. What would you lose? Your clinic fit out and equipment would be gone, but what about patient records as well? Tax records? Receipts and invoices?

By digitalising these processes, you’ll have secure access to all of your most important files no matter what disaster strikes, safeguarding your business and your clients, who will appreciate the extra security this provides.

Better decision making

By digitalising all of your interactions with clients, suppliers, banks, tax agents and health payments, you create great opportunities to make better, more informed decisions.

Using cloud accounting and client management apps for example, you can now quite easily create reports that detail:

  • Client behaviour
  • Sales patterns
  • Predicted tax
  • Incomings and outgoings
  • Potential marketing and sales opportunities

So please pay attention to the paper use in your clinic, just as you look to digitalise your processes and workflows. The benefits are abundantly clear.

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