You need these solutions in your physio clinic

Jun 17, 2020 | Clinic Payments, Cloud software, Practice Management Software

Just starting out in the physio game or ramping up? You will need a fair bit to get going. What are some considerations you need to take into account when setting up a clinic?

There are some specific solutions you will need to consider.

The right software

Yes, you are in the physio game and perhaps doing your accounting or using Practice Management Software is not exactly your strong suit?

You are not alone. Many small businesses and health clinics are run by experts in their fields. Being at the top of your physio game will not help with your taxes though!

Get appropriate software to rid yourself of thankless tasks while you get on with caring for clients.

Easy and modern booking and practice management options

Make sure you have a dedicated PMS (practice management software) to manage your clients.

Modern solutions like Better Clinics are specifically designed for allied health practitioners and will help manage your entire client process.

From booking to client communication, it is almost unthinkable not to be using online practice management software. Better yet, if you choose a respected solution, it should be able to integrate with a variety of sister applications like payment processing, to keep your clinic management nice and central and integrated.

Accounting software

Get yourself an easy to use, good value, cloud-based accounting software app of your choice. Not only will you be ready for EOFY, you will have reports at your fingertips, the ability to pay employees, direct bank feeds, real time cashflow and a host of important automated accounting functions necessary for your financial health and visibility.

If you are still doing any of this manually, you need to do yourself a favour and move to a cloud-based accounting solution immediately.

Keep it online with telehealth

With the explosion of remote services during COVID-19, we saw people take their businesses and services online in a way that has been unprecedented.

Even allied health professionals were able to offer a range of telehealth services during this period and many people may now be used to it.

This means you should seriously consider the technology and setups you may need to offer professional telehealth services, instead of makeshift ones.

Think about the best software you can use, the best physical setup and any props or instruction material you may need.

With telehealth now being temporarily bulk billed, there is even more incentive to invest in these remote services. It also helps you spread your business to people you may not otherwise have reached.

If you are serious about remote client service, look into solutions like Physitrack which will enable professional telehealth services.

Once you’ve connected Better Clinics to a solution like Physitrack, you’ll enjoy the freedom of Telehealth software for remote activity management. You’ll be able to care for your patients through live video consultations, from wherever you both are – all through a secure, high definition video and audio connection. Your patients can book an appointment online and they’ll get a confirmation email with a link that lets them jump into the call easily.

Collecting payments online

Even if you are operating mostly as ‘pay as you come’, you should start considering the use of online payments while booking to ease the process and ensure no shows are significantly reduced.

Many clients will prefer this option (or even expect it) and you need to cater to this. Look into safe and secure online payment solutions which connect to your chosen booking software or PMS. Check out solutions like Stripe to cover your payment bases.

Collecting payments and processing health funds in person

Another thing you will need to consider is acceptance of cards. We are talking both health funds here and of course eftpos.

You want a solution that processes health fund rebates instantly, plus an eftpos solution that accepts all cards and is just as immediate.

This creates a fantastic experience for the client as well as providing you easy payment collection and reduces eftpos and reconciliation concerns. Check out solutions like Tyro, which will cover both very handily and connect to your PMS.


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