Tyro brings EFTPOS and instant health fund rebates to your practice!

Oct 31, 2019 | Tips

If you are running your own health practice you know all about dealing with multiple payment types and private health rebates. Most times your client will need to pay, using a variety of cards and con tactless payment options, then gain rebates from their health fund after the fact.

Tyro changes all of this. Especially when integrated with your brand new Better Clinics solution. So…

What is Tyro and how do they assist my clinic bookings?

The Better Bookings + Tyro integration offers you a seamless and reliable solution for payment processing, allowing you to accept more payment types including contactless payments with 99.9% EFTPOS uptime!

Tyro EFTPOS devices are a wireless internet enabled console which connects stright to your Better Clinics solution.

Once connected, your appointment information links directly to your integrated EFTPOS machine resulting in payments on the spot, faster transactions, fewer errors & a better customer experience.

Easy transactions

One you have finished with a health client you will of course need to collect payment. This is where Tyro comes in. Tyro process a payment in your Better Bookings solution and will automatically show up on your EFTPOS machine – allowing for fast & on the spot payments.

Easy rebates

One of the more frustrating and error prone factors of processing a client payment at your health clinic is the health rebate. Luckily with a Tyro integration, your Better Clinics solution has a standardised drop list of rebate types, which can be easily selected and applied to the payment.

This will then automatically bring up the correct payment amount on your Tyro EFPTOS terminal – rebate taken care of.

Reliable solution

Your business is not a hobby, you need serious solutions that won’t fail you. Part of providing a serious service and ensuring business cashflow is the simple act of taking payments. You will want a solution that takes as many types of contactless payments humanly possible – you  should never lack a solution to collect payment.

With Tyro’s 99.9% EFTPOS uptime, 3G backup and dual live data centres, you can be confident that payments will run smoothly and no sales will be lost.

Reduce wait times

Lightning-fast speeds will allow you to take payments faster than ever, keeping queues short and resulting in a better customer experience.

You get paid faster

Not only do your clients get to pay faster and more securely – so too do you get paid faster! With a direct TYro integration you will have payments processed and in your account in real time – no more 


Instant access. No credit card required.