Important Notice: Are you using Healthpoint or Medicare Easyclaim? You need to switch providers now!

Mar 6, 2020 | Tips

An important notification for all those clinic owners out there who are using HealthPoint and Medicare Easyclaim!

We’ve recently become aware through our partners at Tyro that a major provider of HealthPoint and Medicare Easyclaim will no longer be providing the services from April 1, 2020.

As a result of this change in the market, a significant number of allied health practices like yours, will need to switch to another provider of these services within the coming weeks. Some of these practices don’t currently have a Practice Management Software provider like Better Clinics.

If this affects you – please look to Tyro for service coverage from now on.

Tyro’s integrated HealthPoint solution has 98 percent coverage of private health funds in Australia, while they also have the market-leading Medicare Easyclaim solution, which simplifies settlement and reporting procedures for practices and clinics across the country.

Details of the Tyro Health Solution

Tyro offers you a seamless and reliable solution for payment processing and health fund claiming, allowing you to accept more payment types including contactless payments with 99.9% EFTPOS uptime.

  • Seamless HealthPoint integration with PMS simplifies the transaction and rebate process for practice staff and patients.
  • Tyro HealthPoint processes rebates in under 4.5 seconds with 98 percent of private health care funds supported.
  • The Tyro health solution allows unlimited doctors and therapists on one terminal – removing the need for multiple terminals and separate reporting.
  • Integration speeds up rebate processing times during busy periods and reduces the risk of keying errors.
  • The single source of reporting simplifies and reduces the time required for practice administration.
  • Tyro’s single settlement means the practice receives all settled transactions in the one payment the following day.


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