Access your appointments from anywhere!

We’ve spoken with a lot of business owners and they all agree, having their appointments accessible remotely over the internet is a massive plus. Being able to log in at home or on the move to see what your day looks like enables you to manage your time more effectively and gives you the piece of mind you want.

Harness the power of our online appointment scheduling software

We’ve been very mindful that we all hate data entry and we’d prefer to be doing something different. That’s why when you make an appointment in Better Clinics, we take that information and flow it down to your sales, your client record, your charting and so on. Why do things twice? Let Better Clinics free you up to focus on your clients, not arduous paperwork.

Schedule Automated Appointment Reminders

We’re all busy. That’s why we allow you to schedule automated reminders for your clients – set and forget with the peace of mind knowing that your clients will get their appointment reminder. Limit no-shows or just pump-up customer service, either way your client is bound to enjoy the courtesy and professionalism.

Separate calendars for each practitioner

Each user can have their own calendar. Add a new user quickly and easily to BetterClinics and assign them to specific locations, so you can view your team calendars at a moments notice.

We’ve got all the standard calendar features that you would expect, plus a few more

Day, Week, Month and List Views, single click bookings, assign client name and descriptors to appointments, easy to navigate between dates, auto-flow appointments to sales and client purchases, linked payment management, assign multiple clients for group bookings, automated appointment reminders, assign colour coding for appointments – yep and even more.

Sell your time in packages? BetterClinics has that covered

You can add your packages to BetterClinics and decide how many sessions are included. BetterClinics appointment scheduling software allows you to see how many sessions a client has left for a specific package, for simple package management. Tick off sessions from the package, and even if a client cancels from a session you can see in an instant how many they have left.

Love group classes? Manage them with ease

Sometimes things are best done in groups. Add as many clients to an appointment as you like. It’s simple to add, remove and update your clients with Better Clinics group appointments.

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