Add some flexibility and expand your practice

Oct 28, 2022 | Practice Management Software, Tips

The world has evolved, in no small part due to COVID-19, and there is now a plethora of new ways to run an allied health clinic.

The guts of this shift can be encapsulated as ‘modern flexibility’.

While a standard, traditional, brick-and-mortar operation continues as a viable way to do business, you now also have so many ways to broaden your service type, delivery, and practice management.

Like what? It’s now entirely possible, and indeed advantageous, to manage your admin from your phone, to add telehealth consultations to your service suite, to offer mobile services, and to integrate a variety of systems to better automate the management of your clinic.

 So, whether you want to diversify when and how you work, or simply have access to more agile solutions, let’s check out some ways you can embrace modern flexibility.

You can now manage your practice or clinic…from anywhere

In 2022 it’s almost absurd to be tethering yourself to desktop software and fixed devices!

If you have any software or devices that can’t be operated from anywhere, you should think very seriously about replacing them.

From online practice management software, appointment schedules, clincial notes, and payment systems integrated with your CRM, everything can now be done either online or in the cloud – straight from your device. This opens up so many opportunities to manage your clinic on the fly and achieve true agility.

Indeed, being able to access your business information from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop actively supports a healthy work-life balance by eliminating the need to complete your administration duties at your clinic or workplace.

Telehealth services explode after COVID-19

COVID-19 has dramatically altered the operating landscape for Australian allied health professionals. The last two years brought mandatory lockdowns for 41% of bricks and mortar businesses and changed people’s working patterns on a massive scale.

For many health professionals, this meant one thing – you had to offer telehealth to continue working with patients and clients. By using tools like Zoom and various cloud software products to facilitate telehealth calls, the show went on…

Now that lockdowns have receded and implementing telehealth measures is optional, they remain a viable option for allied health practitioners to widen their avenues of service.

By retaining telehealth services, you might find many patients actually prefer the experience, and you may be able to expand your client base, by no longer relying solely on local and physical visitors.

Capitalising on the worldwide telehealth trend may not only improve your efficiency by affording you more time in the day to see more patients, but it could also transform the delivery of your services in new and novel ways.

With 28% of Australians opting to see practitioners remotely via digital means in 2021, the pandemic has unquestionably accelerated the need for telehealth solutions.

And for the allied health industry, the meteoric rise of telehealth has proven it’s entirely feasible to provide many services online.

Better yet, if you’ve moved your practice management and payment software online, you can easily serve patients remotely (without requiring physical interaction.)

Take your services on the road

In the same way that telehealth can add new revenue streams and cater to different patients – so too can home services. Indeed, pursuing the mobile clinic or home services avenue could add another level of flexibility to your repertoire.

If you have a vehicle and portable equipment and are using mobile and cloud technology to manage bookings and payments, you can easily become even more agile by offering home visitation sessions.

Integrate your systems!

By investing in cutting-edge practice management software – and integrating it with your systems to seamlessly receive payments, process health claims, and connect telehealth calls – you’ll be ready to run your entire business wherever you are at whatever scale—now and for the future.


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